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Crane Services in Wheeling, WV

Our Cranes Come with Operators

Trust Savage Construction Company for Superior Crane Services

Savage Construction Company provides crane services in Wheeling, WV, for residential and commercial projects. We have a fleet of cranes available for rent of various sizes and types. We have a 23.5 ton boom truck all the way up to a 150-ton Demag crane. You can use our cranes for roof truss setting, bridge construction, moving equipment, picking up HVAC equipment, and more. When it requires lifting heavy objects, cranes are a great solution. All of our cranes come with an operator, so you do not have to worry about being able to run one.

Call us at (304) 242-3100 to secure our crane services. Additional charges for permits and moving may apply. There is a minimum charge of four hours for the cranes.


  • 45 Toon Boom Truck
  • 50 Ton Linkbelt, 140 Foot Boom
  • 70 Ton Linkbelt, 140 Foot Boom
  • 23.5 Ton Boom Truck, 92 Foot Boom
  • 40 Ton Terex Crane, 105 Foot Boom, 32-49 Foot Extend
  • 90 Ton Linkbelt, 140 Foot Boom, 58 Foot Extend
  • 130 Ton Demag Crane, 197 Foot Boom, 56 Foot Extend
  • 150 Ton Demag Crane, 197 Foot Boom, 56 Foot Extend

*Additional Charges for Permits and Moving May Apply

*Minimum Charge for Four Hours on Cranes

*Come with Operators

Cranes Are Used for Many Different Jobs

  • Air Conditioner Lifting
  • Assistance in Erecting Steel Buildings
  • Bridge Construction
  • General Construction Lifting
  • Moving Equipment
  • Modular Home Installation
  • Roof Truss Setting
  • Picking Up HVAC Equipment

Our Excavating Services Include

  • Re-Grading
  • Parking Pads
  • Water Drainage Solutions
  • Grading
  • Sewer Lines
  • Footers
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Slip Repair
  • French Drains

Crane Experience Throughout West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

The licensed crane operators at Savage Construction Company are experienced and highly skilled at what they do. Crane rentals are available for jobs in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Our crane operators are careful in their operation, avoiding damage to what they are lifting and any structures around them. The crane operators work closely with the team at Savage Construction and our clients to do the job properly. Additional charges for permits and moving may apply. Contact us to learn more about our crane services in Wheeling, WV.